Prison care

Despite the fact that the prisoners are there for good reason, the circumstances in many prisons in the world are not humane. In many prisons, the prisoners are poorly cared…

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Sewing School Projects

Various sewing machine projects help women in Bangladesh and India to provide for themselves. The women first receive a sewing course and after successful completion of the course we would…

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Care for the homeless

In Africa, Asia and South America, we support several small local street projects. In most cases our local partners help children who are living in the streets, train platforms and…

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How Tarot can affect your life
Fortune teller using tarot cards on black background

How Tarot can affect your life

Have you ever been to a fortune-teller or Tarot card reader? Maybe you got amazing insights about your character. You've probably also had predictions about your future. Maybe you've also…

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Astrology and your Future
Milky way and fog at Thung Salang Luang National Park Phetchabun,Thailand

Astrology and your Future

About horoscopes... You are probably curious about your future. You are not the only one. Many people have questions about relationships, work or health. We hope to find answers in…

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Quel est votre avenir?

Enfin tu es la! Bienvenue! Et si vous feriez les meilleures découvertes de votre vie et de votre avenir la semaine prochaine? Êtes-vous disposé à passer quelques heures de votre…

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