What about the big bang?

Fred Hoyle is an astronomer who invented the term “Big Bang”. A well known theory that explains the start of all life by a big blast in the universe billions of years ago.

Although Fred Hoyle was an atheist, he turned out to be “greatly shaken” by all the parameters necessary for life to exist on a planet. Hoyle wrote “a common-sense interpretation of the facts suggests that a super-intellect has monkeyed with the physics, as well as with chemistry and biology…”

If even scientists cannot fully explain the origination of life, what else could be the source of life?

Why is everything so complex that we cannot fully understand, even after many many years of scientific research?

To think about for today

This is all for Day 1. You can think about this for the rest of the day.
Some helpful questions for you:

  • Is life on earth based on coincidence or could there be some form of intelligence behind all of it?
  • If you’d like to do some more research on the criteria that are required for life, please do.
  • Why am I different to other people?
  • Is there a reason for my existence?

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Some factors that are needed to make life possible on Earth

The image below shows you a few of the many factors that are needed to support life on earth. These conditions need to be available in exact the right amount and proportion, otherwise life would not be possible at all.

infographic Some of the Factors That Allow Life on Earth to ExistMore about factors that are needed for life exist on a planet: What are the factors making life possible on earth? and Factors That Allow Life on Earth to Exist

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