Have you ever heard about the creator? Would he have a name?
Maybe it’s not a surprise to you: This creator has a familiar name: God.

You may have your own point of view about God.
Read on to find out if this image is based on the right perception.
Be critical and don’t just accept what is written here. Make sure you will find out the truth about God yourself by investing time to discover His true identity. Be open-minded and don’t let your preconceptions and what you have adopted from others limit your search.

Why does God not show himself?

You might wonder why God cannot be seen? It would be much easier to see who He is. But how would that be possible? He is the Supreme Being of all. If the sun is already hard to look at without being blinded, how hard would it be to observe God, Who made the sun, without being ‘blinded’?

Besides, if we could see God with our own eyes, our freedom of choice would not be much of a choice. You would probably automatically be obedient to Him. Without His visible presence, you will show your true nature. A bit like young children left home alone for a while when parents are not there… what will they choose to do?

The universe is built with order and structure. There are laws which also apply to “right” and “wrong.” Every person has a sense of what is good and bad. If God is the designer of all this, it can hardly be other than that He must be righteous. He cannot forgive any mistakes without any compensation – if he did, any other person could appeal to Him for the same treatment and the result would be that all the wrong things would be ignored and injustice would prevail.

No matter how big or how small, any violation means that you are responsible for the consequences.

Since all people tend to choose to be independent for their own sake,  every person will  ignore their Creator sooner or later. Even the slightest form of disobedience, every mistake, makes you unclean, and you are no longer able to confront the perfection and justice of God.

If you are willing to accept that there is a God who is the Creator of all, you will be able to recognize His presence through His creations and His laws of nature.

The biggest plan

The result of our freedom of choice, seems to be disastrous. For every human being will disobey God’s rules, and therefore won’t be able to stand righteous in front of Him the end.

To explain this a bit more: disobedience to God’s plan results in punishment. Some people are responsible for murdering hundreds or thousands of people. It will be obvious they will be punished. But where is the line between a small violation and a big one?

As explained before, God our Creator is unbribable, “black and white”. Because of their free will, his creatures have the tendency to choose for themselves, they want to be independent. They want to be in charge of their own lives.

Even the smallest form of disobedience, doing something wrong in life, will make you impure and not able to confront a pure and perfect God. There is no way you can fix this problem yourself.

But what if God, your Designer, cares about you? You are His creature after all. He made you!

What if He created the whole universe to show His magnitude to all His creatures, also to reach out to you?

What if God wants to share Himself with you? Not because He needs to, but because He loves you?

Then how could this problem be solved? Read so you will find out more details about the biggest plan for the world.

No Balance of Good and Evil

If somebody hurts someone else, the relationship between those two will be disturbed. An excuse can fix that, but if something is broken, compensation will be expected. The same applies when someone violates the law, meaning that the offender must pay a fine or will be thrown in prison. The greater the violation, the more severe the punishment.

With God, it’s different – He expects a lasting and faithful relationship. We as people are actually unable to meet this standard. To be honest, every human being has his or her shortcomings and often thinks and acts in their own best interests.

With God, there is no balance for good and evil – He expects a monogamous relationship between you and Him. However, we are soon tempted to serve other causes such as money, possessions, power, family and other relationships which lead us away from a relationship with God over and over again.

So, we will never be able to meet the expectations in a relationship with God. Have you ever met someone who is perfect? Someone who always does the right thing and has never has hurt another person? The better you get to know someone, the more you will notice that this person also has their shortcomings and that he or she often thinks in his or her own self-interest.

It is not possible for a human being to fulfill his standard of perfection in a relationship with God. God cannot just forgive the mistakes that we make as He would no longer be righteous. How can this ever be solved?

To think about today:

  • Do you recognise the problem? Is there anyone that sincerely respects God? Or is every human in essence only taking care of his or her own interests?
  • How could you ever be able to fix your own shortcomings and mistakes, of being disobedient to God?
  • How would you fit in the big plan?

Just think about this for the rest of your day and please come back tomorrow!

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