Did you ever spend some time to think about your life, your future?
What is the meaning of your life?
Do you want you life to be (more) meaningful?
How will you look back on your life when you are old? Will you be satisfied?

Through this website, I will challenge you to think one week about your life.
I promise that if you will do so, your life will not be the same again! 
Have a great week!


Get surprised…

To find out about the meaning of life, let’s start by discovering how life started. Let’s find out what science has discovered.

Allready in 1966 scientest Carl Sagan learned that to make life possible on a planet, you will need 2 important criteria. The fist one is that there needs to be a anergy source, a sun. The second one is the distance from a planet to the star. This distance has to be right. Too far away and it will be too cold. When a sun is too close, it will be too hot for life.

Carl Sagan calculated that there were about 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 planets in the universe that are suitable for life.

What happened since 1966? Scientists learned more about life and the universe. As scientists studied more, also much more criteria were found that are necessary to make life possible on a planet!

No chance for life on earth?!

After more research, many new criteria were found. At first 10, later 20, and even to more than 50! All necessary to make life possible on a planet. Therefore the number of planets that could support life dropped down rapidly!

Actually… no planet at all (not even earth!) could support spontaneous life! According to all the essential criteria, we shouldn’t even be alive! Still here we are… Alive… and even thinking about life.

Knowing all of this, it might not be a surprise that we did not find any life on other planets so far.

There is even more…

Today science has discovered that at least 200 criteria are necessary for a planet to support life. Not only that, every single one must have the right values and many depend on eachother. If they are not in the right proportion, there is not a chance for life to exist.

For example: a massive planet (like Jupiter) is needed nearby. The gravity of Jupiter draws away asteroids, preventing thousands of them from hitting Earth’s surface.

This is just one example of the many criteria that are needed to make life possible.

The odds against life in the universe are simply incredible!

Anyway we do exist!

Yet here we are, not only existing, but we are talking about existence. How is this possible? Is it sheer luck these parameters have all been set perfectly for the planet earth?

At what point is it fair to admit that life on earth is not the result of random forces? Especially when considering that the fine-tuning necessary for life to exist on a planet is even “simple” compared to the fine-tuning required for the whole universe to exist at all!

An example: Astrophysicists now assume that the values of the four fundamental forces (gravity, the electromagnetic force, and the “strong” and “weak” nuclear forces) must have originated within less than one millionth of a second. Alter any one value and the universe could not exist. For instance, if the ratio between the nuclear strong force and the electromagnetic force had been off by the smallest fraction of the smallest fraction -by even one part in 100,000,000,000,000,000-… no stars could have ever formed at all!

Are you surprised?

Feel free to do research on your own at this topic. Try to find out yourself what facts science has discovered up till now. Please be aware that also scientists do have some prejudices that will color their interpretation of the findings.

No coincidence

The chances of a situation where all known criteria are set in the right conditions, is similar to tossing a coin and having it come up “heads” 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 times in a row. Would that really be possible?

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