Find Truth in Life

Find Truth in Life

As I started to write this blog, my mind just took me back to my childhood days as a four-year-old boy. My mom was taking me and my brother out of the home and sent us to a boarding school. Not knowing at that age why she was keeping both of us in a boarding school.  I didn’t want to stay in the boarding school, I just wanted to be at home, but I had no choice.

I grew up as a fatherless child, even though he was alive. He left our family before I was born, so I never experienced my fathers love and care. He was an alcoholic and he abused my mom physically and emotionally. I  grew up with fear, feeling insecure and full of shame. I developed habits that are not healthy. I used to think I’m a good person but I was different inside and different outside.

As young man worried about my life and often asked to myself: why was I born? Why am I in this world and where am I going? How am I going to live in this world?  Can I blame my Dad for my life because he left us? Can I blame my Mom because she put me in boarding school? I wanted to know the truth about life.  

Someone told me, you can find anything when you put your heart, mind and soul into it. I really wanted to know the truth and wanted to be a different person.  Despite my circumstances in life, at different stages in my life I had people who would encourage me. People who could help me to know the truth, the truth about life, future, and about the world. Thanks to the people who encouraged me, I began to understand and accept the truth. My life changed.

I realised that my life is in my own hands. Depends on my thinking, my decisions, and steps I would take that will have either positive or negative effect on my life.

The truth has given me a hope and a direction in my life gave me hope for future. The hope has given me the courage to take steps in life and as a result, my life transformed and developed to be a better person and put me in a strong position in whatever I did.

My desire was to help people who struggle like me, and was able to help many people in knowing and understanding truth about life.  

So, I would say, you have value and purpose in your life. No matter who and what you are at this moment.  Surround yourself with good people who encourage you, Be who you are with people. Be with those who trust you and help you, no matter who you are and what you do. Listen and accept the truth, the truth about life and world. Believe in the truth that gives you hope and take steps that would build your life and you would see your life transformed and in turn, you would help others to change themselves.

Contributed by Abraham

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