We support many small-scale projects around the world.

The projects are in the field of education, medical assistance, care of street children and widows, job creation and so on.

We select the projects through our network of contacts. The projects that we support are usually too small to be eligible for support from large organizations.

The projects that we support are almost always led by local people and have little or no overhead.

Below are a few of the projects that we support. We do not mention place names and personal names in connection with safety and privacy.


  • Street children project / Training farm in Kenya
  • Education and childcare in Ethiopia
  • Medical assistance in Malawi and surrounding countries
  • Europe
  • Support for addiction care
  • Sports projects in cities


  • Various children’s homes in India
  • Daycare for street children in India, Bangladesh, Nepal
  • Education in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Myanmar
  • Widow care in India, Bangladesh
  • Work projects in India, Nepal

South America

  • Training and work project in Bolivia
  • Training and work project in Brazil

North America

  • Reception of homeless people in the USA


  • Online support for people in the areas of life questions, future and meaning though www.thinkoneweek.com and several some local projects
Prison care

Prison care

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Sewing School Projects

Sewing School Projects

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Care for the homeless

Care for the homeless

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