I’ll be there for you!

I’ll be there for you!

Who’s your true friend?

I have recently been watching some old episodes of “Friends” on Netflix. The theme song became very well-known in the mid 90’s and is still one of the most popular tracks of music worldwide. The theme song “I’ll be there for you” by the Rembrandts got me thinking. Who is the “I” in the “I’ll be there for you?”

The world is a tough and challenging place and many people in countries from all walks of life are questioning what it going on around them. In the theme song from the popular comedy, the “I” was a friend, one of many or all of many friends who will be there for each other and you. However, the truth is not quite that simple, is A good friend always there for you?

Who can you trust with your questions?

My friend the psychiatristCan you trust others with the questions that worry you?  Who is to say the good friend you think you can rely on is not really giving you the right answers? Real friends should know us well but even I know that that is not always quite so. Social pressures impact us all and even those we think are there for us are impacted but in a different way. In truth, we need impartial advice, so where do we go?

Many will turn to a professional. Counselling and even psychics have become good business models in the strained world we live in. We all want a way out or to know the future. Many of us are so desperate that we turn to unknown people who claim they can help us or can at least help us untangle the mixed up messages we have inside. Some people are quite open with the fact they are “getting help” to cope and others keep it a secret.  Does any of this really mean these people, these experts, are there for you?

A happy pill

Happy pillsMore “happy pills” are being prescribed than ever before. There are countless energy drinks on the market that give us a buzz and we try to fix our problems physically with some drug or other. Doctors see growing numbers of sick patients with “stress related” problems than ever before. Doctors and Red Bull become the “I” in the “there for you” but again it is not the solution.

New Age thinking and Eastern Religions have some great ideas behind them and much of this has become commercialised to create another “I” in the I’ll be there for you. These come very close to being the perfect “I” and much of what is practiced is actually quite helpful.

Meditation and positive thinking are both massive when it comes to solving life’s problems but again there is always something missing, something within you something you can feel, that real friend that person, being with all the answers. We just can’t quite find it.

Instant fix

Instant fix for all problems

The trouble is that we all want an instant fix today. We don’t want to wait for answers we need to press a button to get a fix to our problems. The simple truth is that we have lost patience and lost faith in society and even ourselves. This is why the world is messed up, this is why many struggle, this is why many people do not have their “I’ in I’ll be there for you.

However there is an “I” we can all have, but we have to make our own “I” smaller to accept it. We have to submit and have faith in an unknown source. We submit to doctors, quacks and friends we are not entirely certain of, so why can we not submit to one more unknown?

There is one solution, it is not an instant fix but that is not to say an instant fix cannot happen. It does require an open mind but at the same time a mind that has to be closed off to much of the world. It does require trusting ourselves and it does provide the ultimate “I” who will always say “I’ll be the there for you and it is written down as a guarantee.

Where to find a friend you always can trust on?

The popping question is where to find a that friend, the “I” in the ultimate “I’ll be there for you”? There is one present friend in times of need. Do you want to find out more about this friend? Then start your 7-day discovery tour…

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Based in Cape Town, South Africa Matt Newnham is a writer who has a cup that is always a little more than half full. Matt is passionate about life and success and his writing has earned him the title “The Master of Emotional Appeal” as he manages to find the true heart and human feeling of almost any subject.  Matt is the Author of the children’s book series “Space Ranger Fred“. Follow Matt on Twitter @MattNewnhamZA  , on Facebook and on his website www.mattnewnham.co.za

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I’ll be there for you!

I’ll be there for you!

Who's your true friend? I have recently been watching some old episodes of “Friends” on Netflix. The theme song became...

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  1. Edward

    I’ve been disappointed in many friends through the years, but I share the same friend with you! It’s great to have at least one friend who you can really trust. I’m sure I have found that friend 🙂

  2. odilia

    I share a friendship with you b’cos of my trust to you

    1. admin

      Dear Odilia, Thank you for your trust. I hope you have read the 7 days on our website also and you have discovered who you can really trust forever. Have a wonderfuld day! :).
      Simon of ThinkOneWeek

      1. odilia

        Thanks same to you

  3. nihed


    1. admin

      Hi Nided, What do you mean by expensive?
      Regards, Simon

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