Your view on life

Your view on life

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What is your view on life, future, meaning?

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  1. Edward

    I think Life is worth thinking about.

  2. Asad

    I am good boy.
    I love my life I shall big then I rich man

    1. mushtaq Ahmad

      My life is a so sad I don’t know

      1. admin

        Dear Mushtaq, Sorry to hear that your life is so sad now. Invest in your life and future. I hope the ThinkOneWeek program will help you a little in thinking about your life. Be aware that Someone is looking out for you.
        Have a wonderful future!

  3. Madelyn

    I feel sad, i feel my death is coming. I’m confused. I started feeling this weeks ago.

    1. admin

      Dear Madelyn, So sorry to hear that you are feeling sad and confused.

      I hope you have read what is written on the ThinkOneWeek website. If not, please take some time to read it all, it can be very helpful to you.

      You are writing that you feel your death is coming.
      When you are very sick, please invest your time carefully and think about your future. Think about the offer that is also for you. Don’t postpone to think about this.
      When you feel depressed, be sure that after a time of depression, good times will come again!

      I hope you have some friends or family to share your pain and thoughts of confusion.

      I will pray for you if that is OK with you. Be blessed!

      1. Madelyn


  4. Raquel Garcia

    I don’t know what happen my future I’m sad

  5. Raquel Garcia

    What happen to me I’m in love someone but it’s married and I’m also please regard me

    1. admin

      Dear Raquel, This must be hard for you. Love can do many good things in life. It also can blur your vision on things. Please think twice about this the love you are feeling for this person. Some decisions can be very hard, but when you think wisely about the consequenses it can be easier to make them. I wish you a lot of wisdom and strenght in your life.

  6. Nibedita

    I don’t know what happen my future and what happen to me i am in love some one but exactly not one but two person in on line dating and i really want to know who is really love me.

    1. admin

      Dear Nibedita, Thank you for your comment on ThinkOneWeek. This is a tough question. Our remark is to be aware of online dating. Some good can come out but many times people are presenting themselves very different online as they are in reality. If things are too good to be true, that is often a sign to be extra careful.
      Furthermore we would like to encourage you to think about your life and future. We challenge you to think about it for one week.
      We wish you wisdom and a meaningful future!

      1. Nibedita

        Really i want to know what is my future and who is marry me and what is the right time.

        1. admin

          Dear Nibedita, No one can tell you the true answer on that question. Part of it is in your hands, part of it is not.

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